Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beautiful Friday

What a perfect day this has been ... sun is shining, temperature is in the 80s, and my granddaughter is with me!  Such a great day to go to the park and enjoy nature!  We spent the morning in the park, and she had so much fun feeding the ducks and playing in the play area. 

And look what we found as we were strolling over to the play area ... this cute little turtle!

This is going to be a full day!  Tonight I will be at First Fridays Art Walk, just outside Quirk Gallery. from 6:00 to 9:30 PM.  If you are local to the area, come and join us.  You will find many of the craft vendors you are familiar with and shop from at South of the James Farmers Market!


  1. Your Grand baby is Gorgeous! I love taking me to the park, too. She won't be still long enough for a photo.

  2. Thanks! Isn't it the greatest thing being a grandparent!

  3. I'm hoping to make it to First Fridays in Richmond sometime this spring/summer. We were just up there a few weeks ago checking out U.of R. with our daughter.

  4. Hope you can make it to First Fridays! Lots going on and great places to eat!

    UofR is a beautiful campus! What did your daughter think of the school? They have a craft show every year, first week in October...Arts Around the Lake. Awesome show!